Naturhochseil garten,Triberg

A fun filled weekend getaway!!


Weekend Getaway!

Naturhochseil garten (High level rope course), Triberg

My son’s standard question on Fridays “what plans for weekend?” and we start pondering!! As Finally Summer is here!! (After a lot of raise and dip in temperature thankfully now it’s stable) we thought of doing some outdoor adventure. We were looking through the internet and found “Naturhochseilgarten” which is a High level rope course in the middle of naturally grown forest at Bergseeweg, Triberg Blackforest which was perfect as it was one and half hour drive from Stuttgart.

We left home around 9.00 am on Sunday in the month of July and reached around 10.40 am. There is no right address to give the navigation but don’t worry its easy! Enter city Triberg and select city centre. Once you reach the city centre you will see Germany’s highest waterfall on your left (it’s a T- junction).

There are two options to reach that place from that junction (we choose the 2nd option):

1.There’s a parking place as soon as you take right at that junction. You can park and walk to the waterfall and then go to this course.

2. Take right at the junction and then left and continue for about 1.5Kms. You will see the board showing directions. Follow it. There is a parking place. The course is about 10 mins walk through the tall pine trees from the parking. Look for boards. We can even walk to the waterfalls from there. image

The first level

After a while of walking we heard kids screaming, swinging, gladdening and having fun. We looked up and saw huge tall trees tied with ropes and wooden logs/planks in different ways varying from about 4 – 23 meters high. It looked thrilling!! On the right side there is a small Kiosk where we bought tickets. Tickets are offered depending on the hours. Child 12€, adults 15€. We first bought for two hours then extended for another hour. They will provide helmet, a climbing harness and a quick brief on how to use the harness and about the different levels. There are 6 different levels from easy to challenging and a small trial for younger kids. First 4 levels are for 8 years and above. Last two Trials are 12 years and 14 years. Few small lockers and some drinks and light snacks are available at the kiosk.image

Second level

We were all ready and excited! After a discussion with the levels (underestimated the first level) we started with the first level which was so much fun. We had to walk on the wooden logs, ropes, planks and many more. After each task we can relax on a small platform and continue with the next. Each trial ends with a zipline which was so much fun.

4th level

imageI enjoyed 4th level (orange level) the most, as it was only ziplines upto 20 meters high. It was lively.

Me and my family wholly enjoyed this activity…. We would love to visit again. After this activity we had lunch at the city centre and went to Schluchsee relaxed for a while and headed back to Stuttgart. Reached home around 9.30 pm. It was a perfect day spent……

imageFor more information visit

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