Not to be missed…..Slovenia & Croatia

The moment I entered this place it felt so peaceful and calm as though I left everything behind and started walking into a fantasyland. Cascading emerald lakes, crystal clear water and graceful waterfalls that one couldn’t imagine. So fascinating!plitvice1-1

Plitvice National Park, Croatia

It is the largest park in Croatia and a UNESCO world heritage site. There are 16 lakes which flow one into other through a series of waterfalls which is worth a watch. Lakes are formed by the confluence of Karst rivers.cascade-1

It was a surprise as I entered the park. One cannot imagine from outside that it could be so beautiful. I couldn’t take my eyes off the magnificent view! There are 8 different paths. We took the 8km path which took us about 6 hours. At the end there is a bus ride to go back.p9-1


plit_wfall-1Croatia’s tallest waterfall (78mtrs) is also in this park. We can go down to the fall and also walk along the wooden footbridges which snake through the beautiful waterfalls and lakes.p5-1




fish-1Even this year my summer vacation was exciting with my family. It was a three week drive starting from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and back to Germany! I will be sharing my memorable experience of Slovenia and Croatia in this post.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Church view

Our first stop was in Lake Bled. We stayed in a nice village called Zasip which is 10min drive to Bled. Lake Bled is a beautiful lake with an island and a palace on the cliff at the edge of the lake. There is an old church on the island.

Palace view
Palace view


Lake Bohinj

One who visits Lake Bled should not miss Lake Bohinj. Its about 27 kms away. It is as gorgeous as Lake Bled, less commercial. I personally liked Lake Bohinj more. It was less crowded the day we went and the experience of swimming in the crystal clear lake was simply amazing.

Lake Bohinj
Lake Bohinj



From Bohinj we left to Croatia Plitvice national park. (See the beginning of this post) We stayed overnight in Grabovac which is 5kms to Plitvice.p6-1

We spent a week in Croatia. From Plitvice we drove towards the beach and stayed in a place called Slano. We travelled back and forth to different places from Slano.

Korčula island

kor_city-1We took a ferry to Korčula from Orebić which is around 80kms from Slano. Ferry runs every hour. The island is quite impressive with many beaches and an old city.


Sunset on our way back was fab! sunset-1

Veliki žal beach

I liked Veliki žal beach. It was perfect for snorkelling. My son was thrilled to see schools of  different fish. I was a bit hesitant to snorkel at the beginning but later I enjoyed. It was like I was in a huge aquarium. A totally new experience.beach-1


shine-1Dubrovnik is an old unique city and an UNESCO World heritage site. The stroll through the marbled main street Stradun is welcoming. This street has many interesting shops and restaurants. At night its a festive atmosphere. One must walk along the ancient city wall for a spectacular view of Adriatic Sea on one side and the beauty of the old city on the other.

To get an arial view of the city my husband and his cousin got up early in the morning and went to Mount Srd. One can take a cable car or drive to go up. Well I was lazy to get up!city-1


Main street at night
Main street at night

wall-1We had a lovely time in Croatia. Later we continued our tour to Venice, Florence and Verona which was also memorable.

Phew! It was a 4500 km. drive. Totally worth it! We had a 10 year old monster and a 2 year angel and they both cooperated well, making our trip more joyful.

One must not miss Plitvice national park when visiting Europe. It’s unique, trust me.