Apfel Kinder Punsch

Hot Apple Drink with Spices.

Kids in German Christmas markets enjoy hot Kinder Punsch while elders sip in Glühwine. pic_1-1

There are different flavoured Punsch which are prepared with Grape juice, Orange juice, Apple juice or fruit tees heated with spices and fruits.

Apple punsch, which is easy to make can be made instead of cold drinks in parties held during winter.


Serves – 5

Duration – 20 minutes

1  litre - pure Apple juice
4 tbsp - honey
2 - star anise 
4 - cloves
1 - cinnamon stick
2 - cardamon 
1 - bio lemon, sliced 
1 - chopped Apple

1. in a vessel pour apple juice and heat
2. when the juice gets warm stir in honey 
3. then add star anise, cloves, crushed cardamon
4. heat the Juice (do not boil)
5. when it is about to boil add lemon slices and chopped apple
6. remove the juice from heat before it starts boiling 
7. let it stand for 5 minutes
8. serve in a warm cup, drink immediately 


Enjoy the drink!


Frohe Weinachten



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