Switzerland, Zermatt

Sunrise from Gornergrat peak and the Handsome Matterhorn!

Now that we know this is our last year in Germany, we are preparing a wish list of all the things we want to do. The first one on the list is to enjoy the snow. But unfortunately winter is special this year. There is Absolutely no snow in Stuttgart! So we headed towards the snow in Zermatt.

As we planned our trip the previous day we didn’t have much choice with the hotel, so we stayed in small village called Randa not far from Zermatt. It was a 5hr 45min drive from Stuttgart. It was a 3 day trip. We left right after Christmas to avoid traffic and crowd.

Sunrays on Matterhorn

We reached Randa in the afternoon and spent that day around Randa and sledging. For the next day my husband suggested that we go up the Gornergrat peak for the sunrise. Me and my son unwillingly said yes as we didn’t want to wake up early. But later we realised, it was worth it!

We got up at 5.30am and drove to Täsch which was a 6 min drive from Randa and parked at the park house at the train station. From there we took the first train towards Zermatt at 6.15am. This beautiful village Zermatt  surrounded by Alps is a car free zone to control air pollution. Only electric cars are used. So, we have to take trains from nearby places. There is also a train station in Randa but we learnt that is was much more expensive than we paid in Täsch including the parking fee and the train ticket for 3 persons. There is also much more choices of restaurants at Täsch, which was easier on our way back.

The different cable car stations are Gornergrat (3,089m), Matterhorn glacier paradise (3,883m), Rothorn (3,103m) and Schwarzsee (2,583m). We choose Gornergrat as we had been to Matterhorn glacier paradise few years back.

The Gornergrat base train station is Europe’s highest cogged electric railway. It is right in front as we exit the main train station at Zermatt. We had our breakfast at a restaurant near the station. In winter the ticket counter opens at 6.50am and the first train starts at 7.00am. It takes 33 min. to reach the peak with total 6 stops. The Switzerland’s highest hotel  Kulmhotel Gornergrat is located at the last stop of the train station. There are other restaurants too. One can get down in between the stations and trek or ski.

The moon adding extra beauty!

before rise-1BWe first reached at the highest stop Gornergrat. The sky looked beautiful with the shades of pink. We walked towards the view point and the whole panoramic view was mesmerising. The mountain peaks slowly turned Coral with the first ray of the sun, It was simply breathtaking specially on the gorgeous Matterhorn peak. One can see 29 mountains above 4000m from Gornergrat. 

On our way back from Gornergrat we got down at Rotenboden and walked down to Riffelberg which took about an  hour. It was amazing, with the view of Matterhorn. We had our lunch at Riffelberg.

pink sky-1E
Fire lit peaks



We trekked from Rotenboden to Riffelberg
snow diving 😉


We spent our whole day praising the Alps. My son was soo happy, He enjoyed till the fullest but, want to go again… Who will not want to, if the place is like Heaven!!

Hope this post and pictures inspires you to visit this magical place!


Love Reshma…






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