Blausee, Switzerland

Blue lake

On our way back from Zermatt to Stuttgart we stopped at this romantic deep blue lake, Blausee. It is around 400 kms. from Stuttgart. Blausee is a small lake in the Kander valley above Kandergrund at 887 m, near the river Kander.


It is a 5 min walk from the parking to the lake. We walked around the lake and also got the glimpse of huge trouts jumping out of the crystal clear water. There is a hotel with a spa on the shore of the lake and an organic trout farm.

On one end of the lake there is a statue of a lady in the water were it is said that this blue eyed lady used to visit this lake with her true love. One day he suddenly died and she continued to visit this lake and shed tears sitting near the lake remembering her loved one. Days later, she died in grief. The blueness of the lake is from her tears.


We spent some time adoring the lake and ate at a Pizza restaurant near the parking place which had some lip smacking pizzas.





Dream, Try, have Hope and it will come true!





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