South Indian Sweet Deep Fried Jackfruits

Love those childhood memories where me and all my cousins would meet up during holidays at our grandparent’s house and have fun. We were also looking forward to the heavenly food our grandma used to cook for us. One of the dishes that I remember of hers is Mulka or I call it as Appa. It used to be our evening snack. All the cousins (lots of them) used to sit in a row and enjoy this dish. I just love it! ┬áTreasure those beautiful memories. Wish I could go back to my childhood..




DuRation : 40 minutes + 3hrs soaking

Makes around 30 – 35 small Mulkas


1 cup - jackfruit puree
1/2 cup - soaked rice for atleast 3hrs
1/2 cup - fresh grated coconut
2 tbsp - jaggery (or 1 depending on your taste)
2 - crushed cardamon
1 1/2 tbsp - sesame seeds
Oil for deep frying


1. make a puree of jackfruits to yield 1 cup of puree
2. drain the water completely from rice and grind coarsely with jaggery a-nd cardamons 
3. add it to the puree
4. then in the same jar grind coconut
5. add it to the puree and mix adding sesame seeds
6. heat oil for deep frying
7. once it reaches the right temperature drop a little amount of batter i-n oil using spoon or fingers. 
8. fry till dark brown and drain it on a tissue
9. ready to eat
* the batter consistency should be thick. do not add water to the batter
* if you feel the batter is bit runny due to the ripeness of the jackfrui-t add semolina depending on the consistency. 
* for me shape doesn't matter its only the taste that matters!
* keep low to medium heat so that Mulka cooks well on the inside
* you can keep the Mulkas for two days outside, it will not be warm but s-till be tasty.


I enjoyed my Mulka on a rainy day,  hope you all will enjoy it too!

Thanks mom for this lovely recipe :*

Excuse me for not so good photos this time :p

With Luv,