Hi there!

Am glad you visited my blog..

There are so many things that we see and learn in our everyday life and sharing things I learn, like and see with you all through my blog “like a lavendeR” gives me so much happiness.


I am Reshma from Bangalore currently living in Germany. I am a designer, an artist and a collector of both classic and modern stuff. Adorning my home and garden makes me serene.

Cooking is not my passion but sometimes I enjoy cooking for my husband and son. Like to try the dishes from the places we travel. I am crazy over Indian chats.

Living in Europe has made me a travel enthusiast and desire to visit more and more beautiful places. Every country is different and every season.

My PhotographerIMG_0459

The amazing photos that you see in Travel category are captured by my dear husband Vadiraj. He can go any time, day or night to get a perfect shot! I am a complete fan of his photography.

My Inspirer

This is my smart little editor Partha! Every post is inspected by him before it gets published :). Thank you my sweetheart for inspiring me to start this blog.

Join me! Am sure you will enjoy my blog..


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