Fizzy ButteRmilk (Majjige)

The first things that pops into my mind when it comes to holidays are laid-back mornings, no workouts…. but then our internal alarm pulls you out of your cozy bed.

Being summer holidays the whole routine goes hay-wire but fun. I was wondering how to make the holidays beneficial yet enjoyable for my son. Big task right!! We went on a holiday to Kerala, then my son went on an adventurous trip to Coorg, Robotics hobby classes, sleepover with friends and cousins, movies, farm trips, games……whoa!! One and half month passed in a jiffy. Rest of the weeks will pass quickly with the school preps which are really boring!!

the left glass is with sparking water and the right one is without adding water

chilli arch-1

As its summer its important to keep ourself hydrated. This buttermilk drink keeps your body cool and is also good for digestion. Usually it’s prepared by adding normal water but I substituted it with sparkling water which gives this drink a different taste and texture.


1 cup - yogurt or curd
1 cup - water 
3 cups - chilled sparkling/soda water (or use just plain water)
1 tsp - cumin seeds
1 - chilli
1/2 inch - ginger
2 strand - coriander
2-3 - curry leaves
pinch - asafoetida 
salt as per taste



1. add all the ingredients except sparkling water into the blender 
2. strain (optional) 
3. add sparking water and stir
4. adjust the salt 
5. serve immediately


The photos were ready 3 weeks ago, now I got the time to do the write up and publish!!





Muskmelon with blackbeRRies

Muskmelon, Sweet lime and BlackbeRRy juice!

Strange combo rt? But trust me it is flavourful..

After Deepavali am sure everyones talking about how many sweets they have eaten, how much weight gained and we have to start dieting and working out… Even i am saying the same ­čśë So this juice will completely make justice to the discussion!

DuRation – 10 minutes ┬á ┬á ┬á SeRves ┬á– 3


1 - muskmelon peeled
1 - sweet lime peeled
3-4 - Blackberries


- Put all the ingredients into the juicer or blender and your juice is ready.

Start your day healthy!





Sweetlime and Strawberry juice

Healthy and refreshing fresh fruit juice

Wow! Can’t believe that my blog likealavendeR is already a year old :). So I thought of giving my blog a new look and add a new category “Drink” to my blog’s menu.

In this DRINK category I will be adding more of fresh healthy drinks prepared from my Philips Juicer, along with other drinks like smoothes, milkshakes etc..

Fresh  juices are a guilt free way to start our day!

I like my Philips Juicer that I bought recently. Just throw in whole fruits and veggies of your choice and the juice is ready. Its easy to clean too.



I keep trying different combinations and hence cameup with Sweetlime and Strawberry.

Duration: 5min  SeRves: 1


2 - sweet lime 
2 - strawberry
1/2 - lemon
pinch - salt optional
pepper optional



1. peel the skin of sweetlime and lemon
2. put lime, lemon and strawberries into the juicer
3. add salt, pepper and stir
3. Serve immediately
  • you can keep the skin of the lemon if you like. I partially keep the skin so that it doesn’t ┬áget too bitter and also I get the goodness of the lemon oils from the peel
  • Use organic fruits when you use with the peel
  • I used frozen strawberries. Just make sure you thaw a bit before using
  • you can also use your blender if you don’t have a juicer


After coming to India my blogging interest was slowly fading away, but a huge Thank You to all my readers who liked my blog through Facebook and WordPress which encouraged me to keep going :D.

Stay healthy..



Fig and Honey Milkshake

A Healthy dRink

Hello my dear friends,

I am back home and still settling. Before moving I was a bit nervous but now, I am getting accustomed to the lifestyle here. Well, it’s not that hard with family and friends around but, I still miss Germany! I used to travel often, was involved in lot of activities and had lot of friends which kept me occupied there. Yet to start here.

I have a list of things to post but it will take time for me to compile meanwhile, I have this simple post on Fig and Honey milkshake.



I never liked fresh figs before. It looks so gross inside and I never felt like trying it:D. Only after knowing its health benefits, I started┬ádeveloping the taste for it. Figs are loaded with vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, sodium… So what are you waiting for? Get some figs and try this healthy milkshake.

DuRation: 5 minutes     SeRves : one


2 - figs
250ml - milk
1tbsp - honey or as per your sweetness
4 - almonds soaked atleast for 4 hours or overnight (optional)



1. wash the figs and remove the skin
2. add all the ingredients into the blender


3. Blend till smooth
4. Serve immediately



Fresh figs don’t stay good for long, as I had quite a few I washed, peeled, sliced and stored in the freezer for later use.

Eat & drink healthy, Stay healthy!

Happy to be back blogging!





Mango Basil Lassi

Mango Basil Lassi is a summer drink made from Yogurt, Basil and Mango.

Mango Basil Smootie

This is a very quick post as I am a bit busy organising a fund raising event called “TASTE OF NATIONS” at my son’s school. It is a fun event where many countries come together showcasing their culture through food (from 16 countries), costumes and entertainment. I am also choreographing a bollywood dance in which my friends, their kids and I will be dancing. My son is performing in a Jazz band playing Saxophone. I am really looking forward for this event on 29th April.



Now coming to one of my favourite fruits, MANGO… We were lucky enough to go to India during mango season and also managed to get a few to Germany.

I was making Mango Lassi but was thinking of adding something different. My eyes fell on my over grown Basil plant on my kitchen window sill and thought of trying this combo. It’s a new taste, yumm and healthy!



DuRation: 10minutes   SeRves: 2


2 - mangoes
1 1/2 cup - yogurt
1/2 cup - water
4 big - basil leaves
2 tbsp - sugar (or depending on your taste)
1 tbsp - chia seeds (optional)


1.Peel the mangoes
2.Chop roughly, removing the seed
3.Add all the ingredients into the blender and blend till smooth
4.Serve into the desired glass and enjoy


I hope you all try my different, simple and easy MANGO BASIL LASSI!

I also made Mango Kalakand which turned out really well.

Bye for now.

Take care



Apfel Kinder Punsch

Hot Apple Drink with Spices.

Kids in German Christmas markets enjoy hot Kinder Punsch while elders sip in Glühwine. pic_1-1

There are different flavoured Punsch which are prepared with Grape juice, Orange juice, Apple juice or fruit tees heated with spices and fruits.

Apple punsch, which is easy to make can be made instead of cold drinks in parties held during winter.


Serves – 5

Duration – 20 minutes

1  litre - pure Apple juice
4 tbsp - honey
2 - star anise 
4 - cloves
1 - cinnamon stick
2 - cardamon 
1 - bio lemon, sliced 
1 - chopped Apple

1. in a vessel pour apple juice and heat
2. when the juice gets warm stir in honey 
3. then add star anise, cloves, crushed cardamon
4. heat the Juice (do not boil)
5. when it is about to boil add lemon slices and chopped apple
6. remove the juice from heat before it starts boiling 
7. let it stand for 5 minutes
8. serve in a warm cup, drink immediately 


Enjoy the drink!


Frohe Weinachten