Plant your Spring bulbs in Autumn!

Spring bulb – Tulip

To make your patio look colourful during spring, start planting your spring bulbs now during fall!  It could be crocus, tulips, hyacinth, daffodils…


Last Autumn I tried with tulip bulbs and it was lovely to watch them grow.

I planted different colour tulip bulbs in different height of containers for clear visibility of all the flowers.

You can also mix different types of bulbs which blooms weeks apart to have a colourful bloom throughout the spring. Note that the depth of placing the bulbs vary from plant to plant. Daffodils should be placed 4-5 inches deeper, tulips 3-4 inch and crocus 1-2 inch into the soil.



  1. in a container add potting mix till the height suitable for placing the bulbs.
  2. place tulip bulbs 4 inch below the top end of the soil keeping the tapered bulb end facing upwards
  3. cover the bulbs with remaining soil
  4. keep the soil moist during the fall
  5. in winter (where the winter is severe/snows) move the containers to a cool place. I placed mine in the cellar away from heaters
  6. keep the containers out beginning spring.


Budding in March
Full Bloom in April

Once the flowering was over and the plants dried out i removed the bulbs dried them throughly and stored in a cool and dark place for next year.

Isn’t it beautiful? Then what are you waiting for! Rush to the nearest garden nursery and plant the bulbs immediately …

Happy Gardening!






Autumn decoration

Creating vignettes at home is my current obsession. I can spend hours together with it.

Adorning my house according to the season interests me the most. As each season is different from other it terms of weather, food, dressing, scenery, colours, giving lots of option and theme for my vignettes. I like collecting interesting things where ever I go.pumpkin_close-2

Right now its Autumn, the season of colourful leaves, pumpkin festival and halloween.

Here are my Autumn vignettes …

branchday1-1Never thought this fallen dry branch that I picked up from the forest nearby will turn into a beautiful art piece. This completely enhanced the look of my boring staircase area.

I used transparent wires which I tied to the grill of the staircase. This saved my ceiling from drilling!

IMG_2966 copy-1

IMG_2970-1Attention seeking tangerine hued vase, pumpkins along with nuts, dry grass and leaves are the best way to highlight the corner tables, wall units or window sill.vase-1

pumpkin tray-1Centre of attraction on the dining table.
dolls-1Cute little figurines here and there can contribute to the theme.

I hope you enjoyed and try this at your home too!