Well spent 15th marriage anniversary in Austria..

Sledging, a visit to Ehrenberg Castle and Thermal spa!

For me, whenever and whatever I plan ahead doesn’t really work. Though it was our 15th anniversary we hadn’t planned anything ahead. Suddenly, the previous night we though of going to Austria for sledging and to enjoy our last snow (soon we will be going back home). Then the next day on our way back visitied a castle and soaked ourselves in thermal spa.

IMG_2304-1We left early morning to Serfaus, Tirol which is around 318kms. drive from Stuttgart, Germany. Reached there around 10.00 am and directly went sledging. We parked our car in a designated parking spot which was free! Then took a train (U bahn) which is again free!! From there we bought a day ticket to the cable car for multiple trips. There are few shops were we can rent all kinds of snow sport stuff. There are many snow sports that you can do, specially for kids.

Ours sledging track was about 4 kms. It was scary for the first time as I didn’t know how to control the speed. Later once I self-learnt to control, it was so much fun. We spent rest of our day there.


Next day while heading back to Stuttgart near Reutte we saw a long suspended bridge and a castle which looked interesting so we decided to check that out. It is Ehrenberg Castle which is 700 year old  and the view from the highline is quite captivating. We have to buy the ticket to the bridge bit for the castle its free.


do you notice the highline?

It is around 235 kms drive from Stuttgart where one can also make a day trip. We spent few hours there and headed to a Thermal spa which was awesome and relaxing. We returned to Stuttgart the same day.

Alpen Therme, Ehrenberg

All our trips were planned then and there.Wasn’t that interesting! I enjoyed my day.

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To my Valentine…

verona wall-1We stopped by in Verona on the way back from Florence to Germany. I was just in love with this place (why not, Romeo and Juliet happened here) and wanted to spent more time but unfortunately we had to leave next morning. There was something interesting to see in each road, each corner as we walked within the old city. It is also a good place for shopping spree.

Romeo and Juliet Balcony
Verona Duomo

Tiramisu was in my to do list from the day I returned from Verona last summer. Finally now came the time. I thought it will be the perfect dessert for my valentine on the valentine’s day. It is a perfect dessert for parties too, it’s yumm, alcohol free and most importantly it’s easy.

Duration – 20 min + 5-6 hrs setting time

Serves – 8-10

Ladys finger/Savoiardi/Sponge finger


20 - Lady's finger biscuits/Savoiardi
4 - Eggs(separated)
1 1/2 - 2 cups - Brewed coffee (sweetened if desired)
3/4 cup - Sugar
1 1/2 cups - Mascarpone cheese
1 tsp - Pure vanilla
1 tbsp - Cocoa powder for garnish
1 Tbsp - Chocolate gratings for garnish
1. In a big bowl add egg yokes,half sugar and whisk.Add mascarpone and vanilla  into it and whisk till well mixed.
2. In a separate big bowl add egg whites and whisk well till fluffy. Add in remaining sugar one spoon at a time.
3. Fold in the egg whites into the egg yokes.
4. Pour the coffee in a wide bowl.
5. Dip the Lady finger one at a time in the coffee and arrange next to each other in a rectangular bowl. Do not soak the fingers for long.
6. Pour half of the prepared custard over the lady finger and spread evenly
7. Repeat with remaining fingers arranging over the custard. pour the remaining custard and spread well.
8. Refrigerate for atleast 5-6 hours or overnight.
9. Garnish with cocoa powder and chocolate gratings before serving.


IMG_1356I hope you try this simple dish and make your valentine happy.

Happy Valentine’s day!